"You are Worthy"


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Script: You are worthy.  You are different.  You are on purpose.  You are gifted.  You are interesting.  You are holy.  You are loved.

At some point, it seems, we all believe the Great Lie.  It sounds like this:  “You are unworthy of love, broken, unimportant and forgettable.”   These are lies and no longer need to take up one inch of space in our hearts or minds.  That’s why we created this piece -  as a mantra, a  fight song and a prayer.   To remind yourself every morning and night, that you are a beloved child, set apart for plans that are really, really good.

16” x 20” Gallery Stretched Cotton Canvas

Hand Scripted India ink on aged, textured, and finished canvases. Thick body acrylic, India ink and wax used in scripting. Sealed with matte finish for easy care.

If purchasing framed – art is placed in custom frames crafted by local wood smith expertly handmade out of oak or walnut with contrasting spline detail at all joints. Simple, clean lines are the perfect balance to the textured and organic nature of Milk Moon House art. 

All pieces are tenderly packaged for safe delivery and ready to gift or enjoy upon arrival. All original works arrive ready to hang. American made products are used as much as possible in production. Stamped and signed by artist.

Frame Options: Oak, Walnut, or purchase without a frame.