Kind Words from our Clients and Community

“I was given the most thoughtful and most prayerfully created gift from my father that I have ever received this Christmas. It’s a special thing for a mother of three littles to receive such a thoughtful gift—to experience tangibly that someone thought about YOU, the momma. I have admired Jo’s incredible works from afar for quite some time, and have always wanted anything and everything she’s created...and finally someone I love thought enough of me to gift me (and surprise me) with one of her amazing pieces. When I opened the gift, I could not stop the tears. What’s most special about this gift is that I have the pleasure and honor to know the Spirit-filled, loving heart of the artist behind this beautiful work. This is a gift that I and my family will cherish for years, even generations to come. Thank you dad, and thank you Jo. Overflowing with love and gratitude.”

- Hailey K.

"We gave Joanna complete and total creative freedom to create us a one of a kind piece and we are constantly amazed and intrigued by the result. It is like nothing we could have imagined. It is literally testing our imagination and recreating itself every time we look at it."
- Brandon S.

"I can’t name a soul who is able to capture the essence of a thought/idea/theme more beautifully than Jo can. The first time I stumbled across her work I was so struck by the beauty and serenity of it that I had tears streaming down my face. She takes exactly what my heart is unable to articulate and puts it to canvas so incredibly well. I have collected a dozen pieces or so of Jo’s art and have gifted at least as much. Her work is gold, folks, and your space won’t be the same once you have it."
- Lauren J

"Receiving a piece of Milk Moon House art is a sort of ‘take your breath away’ type of moment. Knowing someone stood among all her artwork and chose something specifically for me, just gives me goosebumps. Knowing that all of her pieces are unique, makes the gift something I will treasure even more!"
- Kat C

"I gift Milk Moon House pieces to friends because I know Joanna’s messages resonate at a heart level. Her work is easy to place, is uniquely handcrafted, and conveys graceful simplicity."
- Suzanne S.

"I had always loved and been drawn to Jo’s work, but didn’t own anything of hers. I went on a beach retreat and was gifted a piece of hers at the end of that retreat. I was blown away. It represents so much more than nice framed art. It is a one word declaration of how my time at the beach retreat was, what the Lord believes about me and wants for me, what I yearn for from the Lord. Since then it is prominently placed in my kitchen, where most of my family’s life happens. I am reminded daily of truth and now to also know Jo and love her as I do, her art is so precious to me."
- Catherine H.

"I’ve been gifted two Milk Moon House art pieces that mean so much to me and hang on my walls as reminders of hope. They are unique to my life and story and priceless to me!

In a painful season of my life, a friend had a custom piece made for me with a scripture that had been my daily encouragement during that time. It was delivered on the exact day I needed it and I remember crying when I opened my door to see these words I had memorized on a gorgeous piece of art!

Another piece was a gift for the birth of my son with the scripture his name is derived from and it hangs above his crib. As I rock him to sleep, I can pray those words and remember the promises of God to us and him.

I love being asked about my pieces because I get to share the beautiful story of how I got them!"
- Kate H.