handcrafted and sourced in East Tennessee

Our Creative Process

how the process starts: finding my words

How we Create Milk moon house originals

I am inspired by scripture, by words and images that I see out in the world that I want to give to someone else, and concepts that are timely to what somebody needs. I want to give us all permission to see incredible beauty in ourselves and others, and the magic of being unique. 

Mostly I sit quietly, meditate, and ask God what He needs me to share.

My work is a little messy, just like we are. So get close, get comfortable and see what it wants to say to you.

layered organic texture for any room

preparing original works

All handmade originals are made locally in the Milk Moon House Studios. Milo canvases with thick, high quality pine wood frames are used as the foundation, and are sealed and primed for longevity. Canvases are aged, textured and finished on every side for those wishing to hang solo without a frame. American made products are used as much as possible in production. Artwork is given a layered, organic look that radiates warmth and simplicity and fits in any interior space.

High Quality Paints, inks & COatings

painting & hand scripting process

India ink made from fade-resistant carbon black pigment is used for scripting, along with thick body acrylic paint, chalk, wax and anything to build dimension and textured appeal from every angle. Artwork is created to draw you in and give you a pause with messages that create room for meditation.

frames offer protection and aesthetic appeal


Artwork is placed in custom frames crafted by the east Tennessee master woodcraftsman at Knox Wood Works. Minimalist frames are expertly handmade out of oak or walnut with contrasting spline detail at all joints. Frames are sanded until smooth and without blemishes, and danish oil is applied to each frame to cure to a hard satin finish that resists moisture. The well built, clean lines of wooden frames are the perfect balance to the textured and organic nature of Milk Moon House art.

tenderly packaged with care

finishing and delivery

All artwork is varnished and sealed to protect from dirt and dust and to ensure the life of the piece. It is carefully checked for blemishes to ensure the best quality possible, and stamped and signed by the artist. All pieces are tenderly packaged for safe delivery and ready to gift or enjoy upon arrival. All original works arrive ready to hang.