Milk Moon House Scroll Ornaments are Back!
This is our third Christmas at Milk Moon House making these tender little pretties. They are tedious, time-consuming, and worth every single minute of cutting, rolling, scripting and hanging. Each scroll hand cut, rolled, scripted and strung for a keepsake to rest on all year, every year. My whole family has a job in bringing these to you and it is becoming one of my most favorite Christmas traditions. My hope is this: That whenever you hang yours, you are reminded that there is so much joy to be found in the simple and the slow.

You can find these at:

Bradley’s Gift and Home in Knoxville, TN
141 N. Peters Rd
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

Keaton Place in Livingston, TN
120 N Court Square
Livingston, TN

Or online at Collected Home Interiors:
September 15, 2020 — Jo Simeone